ObamaNelson.com fuels more VP musings


Amid widespread speculation around Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s VP pick, it appears that a number of potential ticket URLs are popping up on the Internet.

The most intriguing seem to be www.obamanelson.com and www.obamabayh.org, which redirect back to the Illinois senator’s campaign home page.  Most combinations of Obama and other vice presidential shortlist regulars, such as Joe Biden, Kathleen Sebelius, and Tim Kaine, are also parked on GoDaddy.com.

How much should be read into these? Probably not much. It’s more likely to be the work of Internet squatters hoping for a payday once the pick is announced. It’s also possible that the Obama campaign has reserved a number of potential website addresses in preparation for the pick. Anyone with a keyboard and a credit card can register a site (Exhibit A: http://www.obamabiden.org… which redirects to http://www.stop-obama.org). But speculating is interesting and anything beats waiting for the Holy Grail of text messages to come through.

As for http://www.obamanelson.com, a Whois.Net domain search revealed that the address was registered by a “Joe Chan” through GoDaddy.com. In contrast, the registrant of the actual campaign site was listed as “Obama for America.” The search did not have results for http://www.obamabayh.org.

Since the chances of Obama picking a Bayh not named Evan are slim, it can’t hurt to look further into the potential Nelsons that could be a dark horse candidate.

The more obvious candidate would be Bill Nelson, the senior senator from Florida. Nelson could theoretically help boost Obama in the all-important swing state and while he doesn’t sport as many foreign policy credentials as Biden, he has served on the Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees and met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on a 2006 trip to Damascus. He is also a vigorous opponent of offshore drilling on Florida’s coast. But perhaps most importantly, he one-ups McCain in the aviation department, having been one of the only two sitting members of Congress to fly into space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1986.

But don’t count out Ben Nelson, the junior senator from Nebraska who serves alongside Chuck Hagel. A conservative Democrat with pro-life credentials, he would be a post-partisan pick that would fit with Obama’s message of change and perhaps sit better with Democratic leadership than having Hegel a heartbeat from the Oval Office. However, he had a hand in crafting the Bush tax cuts and was one of the only two Democrats to vote against a failed March 2007 resolution for troop withdrawals from Iraq. He did later introduce a bill to transition U.S. troops out of Baghdad in July and he, too, has voted consistently against offshore drilling.

But there’s only one Nelson that could potentially put the red state of Tennessee into play. Seeing as it’s no longer taboo for candidates to admit histories of drug use, what’s to stop Willie from propelling the Democrats to fall victory?

A special thanks to Joe Chan for making this post possible, whoever and wherever he may be.

~ by Matt Medved on August 22, 2008.

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