Check-ups ‘will keep mortuary drains flowing’

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By MATT MEDVEDpage_7482554

The Western Cape Health Department said it was budgeting for renovations to the “old and dilapidated” Salt River Mortuary, where bloody water seeped into the street last week.

But, said spokeswoman Faiza Steyn, “it is obvious this cannot happen overnight as upgrades and revamps will only occur as funding becomes available”.

Steyn said a City of Cape Town environmental health inspector had investigated the complaints of blood running into the storm water drains and the road.

“Mortuary staff immediately stopped work in the area, turned off the water to reduce seepage and unblocked the storm-water drain,” said Steyn.

“The area that was contaminated was immediately cleaned and disinfected.”

Steyn said every drain in the facility had been cleaned by a plumber and would be checked by a contractor every two weeks.

Mortuary staff would regularly check the drains and stop working when drainage was slowing.

She said it was the first time that drain had been blocked although other drains had been blocked before and sorted out accordingly.

However a neighbour said similar incidents had occurred “eight or nine times” in the three years he had lived there.

“They’re not too fussed about this,” he said. “I can guarantee it will happen again.”


~ by Matt Medved on August 2, 2007.

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