Blood flows from Salt River mortuary

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Neighbours of the Salt River mortuary were yesterday horrified to discover bloodied water seeping out of the facility’s gate and flowing down the street.

An environmental health official confirmed the incident and said it was being taken up with the manager of the city mortuary.

“I’m not sanctioned by my department to discuss the incident,” he said.

“We must wait for the response from the manager of the facility.

“He was at the scene as well and is aware of the incident.”

Wayne Mitten, the manager of the mortuary, did not return several calls to his cellphone when attempts were made to contact him for comment.

A neighbour, who refused to be named, said he had lived next door to the morgue for three years and similar incidents had happened “eight or nine times” during that period.

“Today it was just shocking,” he said.

“It’s normally just a murky red colour with a horrendous stench, but today it was extremely red with a strong, pungent smell.

“It went on for ages. It was hideous and revolting.”

He said he had called the environmental health department numerous times regarding similar incidents and officials had spoken to the manager on more than one occasion.

“I overheard them talking and the manager said it happened often,” he said.

“He said their drains were blocked.

“They didn’t seem too fussed and I guarantee it will happen again.”

He said the worst incidents usually occurred during the summer months when there was a spill and the heat made the smell of the contaminated water unbearable.

“During the summer, it gets into the building and you just can’t get rid of the smell,” he said.

“I just wish it would stop, especially when I’m sitting at work all day.

“When the windows are open in the summer, it is just horrific.”

He said he hoped that |yesterday’s incident would be |the last.

“I have customers and suppliers who come to the office and they have to step over that to get to my front door,” he said.

“It’s simply barbaric.”


~ by Matt Medved on July 26, 2007.

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