Most people support stadium, survey finds

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A recent independent market research survey found a substantial support base for the controversial Green Point stadium, while its opponents continue to prepare for court action to stop its construction.

The study, by TNS Research Surveys late last month and early this month, found more than two-thirds of Capetonians were in favour of the World Cup stadium, while 82% of people classified as “poor and unemployed” also supported it.

Two thousand people – 1 261 blacks, 384 whites, 240 coloureds and 115 Indians and Asians – were interviewed for the survey.

It found 69% of Capetonians supported the stadium, with 17% in opposition and 13% saying they were not aware of the issue.

Most of those opposed to the stadium were older than 50 years. The more affluent also opposed it.

The survey found 90% of black respondents were in favour of the stadium, compared with 59% of coloured respondents and 57% of white respondents.

“This is the first scientific research done since the construction of the stadium began,” said the city’s executive director for service delivery integration, Mike Marsden. “Overall, this is good news for Cape Town. It disproves critics’ claims that they speak for the poor who would not want it.”

City 2010 spokesman Pieter Cronje said: “Up until now, the Cape Town Environmental Protection Association (CEPA) has suggested that the politicians wanted the stadium and that especially poorer people would be opposed to it.

“The research now shows not only that the majority of all Capetonians support this, but that support is the highest among the poor and unemployed.”

It comes after Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille appealed to the CEPA yesterday to reconsider its planned court action to stop construction of the stadium.

CEPA chairman Arthur Wienburg has said the organisation has no plans to cancel its scheduled August 13 court review of approvals granted by the provincial and city government.

“The proposed erection of a R4.4 billion white elephant is anti-poor, a blight on the environment, and puts political self-interest above the greater good of the wider population, the ratepayers of Cape Town. It’s time for the council to put up or shut up.”

The survey also found 52% of Capetonians believed South Africa was ready to host the 2010 World Cup.

~ by Matt Medved on June 29, 2007.

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