De Lille slams ‘stubborn’ government over wages

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By MATT MEDVEDpage_6547780

ID leader Patricia de Lille yesterday trumpeted the cause of the public service workers who have threatened to go on strike in two weeks if they do not receive a 12% wage increase.

“The government’s stubborn refusal to budge on its 6% wage offer could lead to one of the largest public union strikes in our country’s history, and government will be to blame,” said De Lille.

“Civil servants are the backbone of our society and in terms of their contribution to our nation, they should be paid more.”

De Lille also said the ID would like to see better performance evaluations for civil servants. She blamed “a few useless individuals” for reflecting poorly on the others.

At its most recent meeting in Pretoria on Friday, Cosatu categorically rejected the government’s “paltry” offer of a 6% wage increase for public servants and reiterated their demand for a 12% increase.

“The biggest public service strike in a decade seems to be unavoidable,” said Cosatu spokesman Patrick Craven.

Craven said the strike was set to begin on May 28 and Cosatu expected nearly a million nurses, teachers and police officers to participate.

“Government has repeatedly said they should be paid more and that their working conditions should be improved so as to attract more skilled people into these essential professions,” said De Lille.

“Now that it finally has the opportunity to do so, it is revealing that its political statements have all been hollow rhetoric.”


~ by Matt Medved on May 15, 2007.

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